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Norfolk Pine garland - adorn your mantel this holiday season.

Norfolk Pine garland - adorn your mantel this holiday season.

A must have this holiday season: the Norfolk Pine garland - a genuine statement of quality and refinement. Adorn your Christmas mantel with this exquisite, real touch piece that exudes sophistication and endearing charm. Available now for pre-order at Crackle and Teal, this exceptional garland is poised to become a centerpiece that graces your mantel for many joyful seasons to come.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Norfolk Pine garland captures the magic of the holidays with its lifelike appearance and lush greenery. By securing your pre-order today, you ensure that your Christmas decor reflects both your discerning taste and commitment to lasting beauty.  Choose the Norfolk Pine garland to make your mantel a focal point that radiates warmth and enduring allure.

Pre-Order here: 60" Norfolk Pine Real Touch Garland - Natural – Crackle and Teal



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